The story of the Simbrah breed began in the 1960s, when a group of innovative cattlemen began to cross-breed Brahman cattle with Simmentals. The Simbrah typically combines the best attributes of its forebears -- heat and insect tolerance, hardiness and foraging ability from the Brahman, and early sexual maturity, fertility, rapid growth, and a docile disposition from the Simmental. The Simbrah is renowned for its excellent beef characteristics, rapid growth, and its highly functional, trouble-free disposition. Simbrahs also enjoy long and productive life spans -- breeding and weaning days often stretch past the 10 year mark for both bull and female. Originally developed in the hot and humid climates of the Gulf Coast, the Simbrah has shown the ability to thrive across the United States -- including the much cooler Northeast and Pacific Northwest. The Simbrah Registry is kept by the American Simmental Association.

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